Singularity University’s Awesome Stories From Around The Web was a weekly curation video series created to highlight the top five breakthroughs in science and technology each week. For this series I curated the stories, wrote the video scripts, and hosted the videos each week.

This Week In Tech:
- AI's learning parkour πŸƒ
- Facebook Live now in VR 😎
- Robot conversations πŸ€–πŸ€–
- CRISPR embeds gif in DNA πŸ”¬

This Week In Tech:
- The brain's wiring πŸ™‡
- Desktop augmented reality 😎
- New autonomous electric vehicle 🚘

This Week In Tech:
- NASA's megarocket test πŸš€
- First footage of Elon Musk's The Boring Company car elevator
- A $99 VR headset πŸ•Ά
- Robots learn body language πŸ’ƒ

This Week In Tech:
- Self-repairing roads
- Robots teaching robots
- DIY touch controls for any object
- Top secret military aircraft

This Week In Tech:
- Hyperloop One's record speeds πŸ’«
- Human genome editing has arrived πŸ”¬
- Tesla launching the Model 3 🚘
- Visiting Mars in VR πŸ›°

This Week In Tech:
- StarCraft for AI research
- Mind-controlled VR
- Regenerative tissue
- 3D-printed tires

This Week In Tech:
- NASA's mission to touch the sun
- Color-changing tattoos
- Delicate robotics
- Uber's legal battle with Google over self-driving cars