The 30-Something Remote Worker's Essential Packing List


  • Trustworthy laptop that meets your needs.

    • You don’t want to get stuck in a foreign country purchasing a new Macbook. #ImportTaxes

  • Kindle Paperwhite

    • The new waterproof one is a great choice.

  • International outlet converter

    • A little clunky but worth it.

  • Krisp AI: Noise-cancelling software

    • This connects to you mic in Zoom and skype to eliminate any additional background noise during work calls.

  • High capacity external battery

  • High-quality noise cancelling headphones

    • I use an older edition, the Bose QuietComfort 25 which are about $200 cheaper than the new model and work just fine.

  • Backup cell phone

    • You never know when your old phone might break or get stollen.

  • Two back up credit cards

    • Credit fraud is real and is something happens to you go-to card it’s important to have a good backup card that also does not incur international transaction fees.


  • Daypack for working + day hikes

    • Functional enough for everyday use and also light enough for hiking. This is also the pack you can use for long weekend adventures when you leave your suitcase at your Airbnb.

  • High-quality 24-inch hardshell suitcase

    • Yes, if you are a professional remote worker it’s time to graduate from your cumbersome backpack, which leads to a constant state of disorganization.

Peronsal Care

  • Sonicare toothbrush

    • I can’t stress enough how important dental hygiene when living abroad. The last thing you want is a dental emergency abroad. They are not fun!

  • Vitamin D + Emergen-C

    • Living abroad puts an additional tax on your immune system. These are two easy to digest vitamins that I stick to on a daily basis. Vitamin C is easy to find in many countries by Vitamin D can prove to be more elusive.

  • Small laminated vision board

  • Eye mask + ear plugs

Alison Berman